Why Replace PDF Files With Hosted Desktop Software

Almost no day seems to pass by these days without some news about a new technology that has hit the market. This is particularly true in the case of computer software as well as hardware. Take hosted desktop services for instance nowadays. Also, popularly referred to as virtual desktops, they allow you to access your computer, irrespective of where you are in the world. No longer do you need to worry about carrying everything from your important data to operating system while traveling. This is something that is just not possible using a USB drive. With a physical drive at the most you will be able to carry only PDF, word, image or video files. However, what about the operating system? Or what about tons of data that may be there on your physical desktop? Thanks to virtual desktops everything has become a lot easier now.

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No geographical barriers

One of the biggest advantages offered by virtual desktops is the fact that they have made geographical barriers obsolete. You can be now in any part of the world and access the data present in your computer's desktop. This is perhaps the more secure option than using an USB drive because with the later there is always a danger of theft or you losing it somewhere. Moreover, the amount of information that can be stored in a CD or USB drive is limited when you compare it with the facilities offered by hosted desktop service providers.

Working as a team

Organizations around the world are now increasingly shifting towards hosted desktop services. The reason is not difficult to fathom. These days several employees in an organization could be traveling. So, it makes sense for them to log in to a virtual desktop. Moreover, this facility allows different employees belonging to different teams to communicate and share data among themselves. This allows for better coordination and improved efficiency in organizations.

Data protection

Information is considered wealth in today's IT dominated world. In such an environment, due to intense competition prevailing virtual desktop service providers make sure that they offer round the clock protection for your data. They use the latest firewalls to ensure that all your data remains protected. This is something that cannot always be said if you were to carry data on an USB drive. Moreover, the organization hiring the services also need not worry about data backup too for it is automatically stored in the server of the service provider.